Old Lady Katy Specializes in Creating Options for Common Skin Diseases with the Highest Quality Natural ,Organic and Vegan Ingredients.


We use Certified Organic & Natural Ingredients
We offer Certified Organic, 100% natural and Vegan options to choose from.
We put our integrity and money in every formulation
*No foreign ingredient suppliers *Clean Ingredients only
*No Perfume *Cruelty Free *No Harsh chemicals *No mineral Oil

Old Lady Katy believes in using all natural products for healthier skin.

If your battling Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, sensitive skin, aging skin, hyperpigmentation, dark spots give Old Lady Katy a try!
We also believe your mental health and what you eat play a role in your overall skin so we also create products with your overall health in mind.

About Us:

Hi my name is Heavenly and I’m the Founder of old lady Katy.

Growing up I watched my family treat everything from a toothache to high blood pressure with natural remedies. My grandmother was never interested in store bought medicine her medicine was in the cabinet or fresh out of her garden. Even though modern medicine has come along way I still prefer my roots in natural remedies. In 2007 my daughter was born and within a few weeks she began to break out with an eczema rash. The Dr. warned me to just “use the cream he prescribed “. I was torn do I listen to my mother or the Dr.? Whelp after a few weeks of using medicated cream that wasn’t helping my baby with itching and discomfort I went back to my roots. With oatmeal baths and a cream mixture I made myself I began to see improvement within a few days. I stuck with my natural treatments and avoided feeding my daughter certain foods and by the time she started pre-k the eczema issues were gone for good. Today Old Lady Katy (named after my granny)is here to bring our family remedies into your home. I have personally struggled with sensitive skin all my life and I now battle Sjögren’s syndrome an autoimmune disease that has been doing crazy things to my skin. Because of my skin battles I can understand your pain and frustration with your skin issues. When our skin isn't at it's best it can be very stressful to say the least. Thanks to my natural formulations I constantly receive compliments about how beautiful my skin looks (if they only knew my struggles lol). I want to help you have beautiful skin too. I look forward to welcoming you to the Old Lady Katy family!

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